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Naturescape for Educators

Bringing Biodiversity into the Schoolyard

New greening resources specially developed for schools!

Biodiversity is the wondrous variety of livings things that we have on our planet - The greater the variety, the more stable the environment. Biodiversity in the schoolyard not only promotes a healthy natural world, it also provides a plethora of learning opportunities for your students.

FortWhyte Alive, in conjunction with Manitoba Education for Sustainable Development, has developed a school resource designed to facilitate schoolyard greening. This resource is short and succinct with pertinent information that will help educators develop a natural landscape in the schoolyard.

Topics Include:

For each resource, FortWhyte has developed a compilation of curriculum-based activities that will provide teachers with ideas in utilizing the schoolyard with their students. The focus is pre-school to grade 6.

How to get the Resources

Click the link to view the Naturescape for Educators program overview.

Contact FortWhyte’s Naturescape For Educators Coordinator for information about new resources at

Certify your Schoolyard!

FortWhyte would like to recognize schools that have made efforts in bringing biodiversity into the schoolyard.

Simply click the following link to download the Naturescape for Educators Checklist and fill out the form. Attach at least 5 photos of the naturescape.

Completed forms can be:

Benefits of Certification:

  • A FREE curriculum-linked FortWhyte Alive field trip for one classroom from your school (transportation not included)
  • A certified Naturescape Garden sign
  • One free birdhouse from the FortWhyte Nature Shop

Funding Your Project

Naturescaping can take time and money to master but don’t let that deter you. There are resources available to support your school with your greening project. The new environmental and sustainability focus in education and our community has spurred many new grants and funding opportunities.

Here are a few examples of available funders:

There are many other existing grants to help you reach your greenspace goals. Ask around and keep a look out for new and exciting supports for your school’s plan.