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5 Ways to Step Out of the Office and into the Wild


Whether you're the one responsible for booking your office's next holiday party or the manager who's looking to fire up your employees before tackling the next big project, you've come to just the right place. And, let's be honest, pleasing our co-workers can be tough. But, here at FortWhyte Alive, we've been doing this for a long time -- and we're confident that your team will leave here happy, whatever the occasion. We're also pretty confident that you'll get bonus points for thinking outside the box for your next workplace outing.

And, in case you didn't already know, FortWhyte is only 20 minutes from downtown.

1. Off-Site Meetings

Tired of regular ol' humdrum meetings? Book your next group huddle or small conference at Winnipeg's top destination for unparalleled lakefront meeting spaces. With pristine beauty and prairie history at our doorstep, count on FortWhyte Alive for a unique setting that enhances both creativity and productivity.

2. Retreats & Teambuilding


When you think of teambuilding, do you roll your eyes and picture a windowless conference room? If so, it's time to step into the wild with our out-of-the-box corporate retreat experiences. From the heart-pumping Amazing Chase to a serene yoga session, there's a unique outdoor experience waiting to re-energize your team like never before. Want to brainstorm in a boat? Launch a teammate into the air? Solve a life-sized puzzle? Just ask! And be sure to check out or Corporate Programs guide.

3. Staff Parties & Conference Receptions


For planning an evening function, we've got the special touches that make your party pop! Impress your guests with glam cocktails and a sunset Bison Safari. Or go rustic chic with hatchet throwing and the three Bs: beer, bonfire, and BBQ. (Or is that four Bs?) Either way, with our help, your private event will be one for the books.

4. Employee Family Fun Days


Have a family fun day they'll never forget! A photography scavenger hunt will have families in friendly competition and voyageur canoeing lets all ages try paddling without the stress of needing to steer. Cycle through a range of outdoor games and indoor crafts then cap it off with our bannock toppings bar for a bonfire like no other.

5. Workplace Volunteering


If your goal is to build rewarding fun and a sense of community into your day, what better way than volunteering together? We are thrilled to offer employer-supported volunteering for folks looking to give back while enjoying the great outdoors (or indoors, if that's your jam). These staff volunteer days are an amazing way to build rapport within your company and reputation within the broader community. All while helping us achieve our mission! It's truly win-win-win. The fresh air is on the house.


If you have any questions about what you and your team can do here at FortWhyte Alive, do not hesitate to give us a shout. Contact bookings@fortwhyte.org to enquire about meeting room rentals and special events, teambuilding@fortwhyte.org to add a unique spin to your next meeting or event, and volunteers@fortwhyte.org to enquire about employer-supported volunteering opportunities. We would love to see you and your crew out here this season! Enquire early to be sure you don't miss out.


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