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50 years of FortWhyte vol. 7: Talking About Climate Change


Did you know that we're celebrating our 50th anniversary this year? That's right! And to celebrate, we're digging back into the archives to share a few blasts from the past.

Here at FortWhyte Alive, we make it our business to connect people with nature and encourage actions leading to sustainable living. A big part of that is educating the pubic about climate change -- whether it's through our organizational sustainability initiatives, giving the public food for thought and tools for change with our public programs or inspiring classrooms of youth to see their connection to nature, we have been moving the conversation forward for decades.

Read Water in a Warmer Manitoba, written by Hugh Fraser and published over 25 years ago in the July/August 1989 issue of the Branta (Volume 7, Number 4).

Read the full article here.


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