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Reflections on A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and its People

Looking for something truly unique to do in your own city? FortWhyte Alive's A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and Its People brings history to life with sights, sounds, smells, and tastes you won't soon forget.
Where else can you go on a bison safari and experience the grunting of a herd up close? Or travel through the decades to learn about the people of the prairies and their connection to North America's largest land animal? From tipi construction and spear-throwing to sod houses and Red River carts, these giants of the flatlands have played a key role in the relationship between humans and nature. Learn firsthand about the fur trade as you power a voyageur canoe around a lake and settle in for some fire-roasted bannock and a hot cup of wild bush tea.


Join us for A Prairie Legacy on Monday, August 17th, Wednesday, August 26th, Tuesday, September 8th, or arrange a private tour! Minimum four participants. Please contact Group Services Coordinator Kalyn Murdock at (204) 989-8355 ext. 210 or kmurdock@fortwhyte.org. For more information on this experience, please visit the FortWhyte Alive EcoTours page.


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