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A story of hope amid the climate crisis

Posted on November 19, 2019

At FortWhyte Farms we grow youth, food, and community.

In the garden and in the commercial kitchen youth learn about responsible land stewardship, food systems, and waste reduction as they build communication, teamwork, and money management skillsThey are our most valuable ‘crop’ - youth who are engaged citizens and climate change leaders.

Youth like Kara, a 16-year-old Fort Richmond Collegiate student who has volunteered and worked on the Farm, experience pride and meaning in their work as community members come to buy fresh vegetables.

I liked thinking about how I could just watch it grow and how it could become something,” Kara reflects. “It wasn’t like there was much but eventually it would grow into something bigger. And I liked that it would be able to feed a lot of people.” 

Kara’s awe at plants’ rapid growth and change parallels what I’m privileged to see in youth. As they build relationships and work as a team they are learning to live in balance with each other and nature.  

It’s your philanthropy that empowers youth to become stewards of this planet. A responsibility and opportunity we all share. If you share my belief in this generation of climate champions please give generously.