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We Grow Food

FortWhyte Farms is a non-certified organic farm growing fresh vegetables and raising livestock.

market baskets filled with vegetables

Food that does good for you and the planet.

What we offer

At FortWhyte Farms we grow a variety of vegetables right here on site, raise livestock including rabbits and chickens, and are home to laying hens and beehives. At our weekly summer markets, you can also find prepared foods made with seasonal ingredients and baked goods.

basket of assorted vegetables

How we grow it

When you buy from FortWhyte Farms, you are helping the planet. Sustainability and Manitoba’s ecological diversity are considered in all areas of our operations to ensure you can feel good about your purchase.

We use local and Canadian suppliers, are powered by 50% solar energy, and raise our livestock humanely and free from antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products – just to name a few. All of our produce is non-certified organic and grown here on-site.

For more information about how we grow sustainably speak to our farm staff.

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Where to Shop


Presented by: The WolfStrata Group

We take great care to prepare ‘The Goods’ — a fresh, tasty selection of food from our farm perfect for your table. At every pick-up, you’ll get 8-12 naturally-grown veggies and a newsletter featuring seasonal recipes and stories from the farm.

$625 Full Share (weekly)
$395 Half Share (bi-weekly) SOLD OUT!

Get your 2024 CSA share!


Wondering what a CSA is? Check out our blog that answers our most frequently asked questions.


Presented by: The WolfStrata Group

Our weekly summer market is the place to buy fresh, naturally grown, in-season produce, and delicious baked goods. It’s a market with a difference, where you not only support local, you invest in your community too with 100% of your purchase supporting the farms’ work as a social enterprise.

Every Thursday, 12 – 7 pm
July – September


The Nature Shop stocks FortWhyte Farms products like honey, frozen meat, and pickled goods all year long.

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My FortWhyte Farms CSA exposed me to vegetables I never thought of trying before and encouraged me to eat healthier. It was so nice knowing my food was coming from such a great community-based organization. Thank you FortWhyte Farms!


Your most asked questions about the food at FortWhyte Farms.