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We grow youth.

We work with youth to provide learning and employment opportunities.

farm youth and staff stand together in garden

Working with Youth

FortWhyte Farms partners with high schools and youth-serving organizations to identify students who would benefit from learning experiences outside of a classroom setting. These organizations then bring young people to FortWhyte Farms to learn about nature, food, farming, health and wellness.

As young people move through the stages of programming they travel the road to self-reliance starting with day programming with their peers, into summer employment, into leadership training, and then into work or further education in the community.

farm youth work in kitchen

The Road to Self Reliance

  1. Academic and Skill Building
    Hands-on learning at the Farm and in the kitchen.
  2. Summer Employment
    A supportive full-time summer job placement.
  3. Leadership Program
    Supports a focus on gaining independence through specific skills.
  4. Bridging to Off-Site Employment and High School Graduation
    Youth become FortWhyte Alive ambassadors while preparing to graduate and move on to further education, training, or apprenticeships.
farm youth work in woodshop

The farm is great for youth who don’t know what they want to do next. You get to try so many things that youth who came in passionate about one thing leave with a whole new plan for what they want to do. I wish I had known about the farm sooner. There should be more programs like this.

Sara FortWhyte Farms Assistant Crew Leader

I have always loved coming to FortWhyte Alive - from being a child in elementary school going on field trips to the farm to highschool programs and now becoming a junior staff after high school. FortWhyte Farms has always had a great atmosphere- one because the people are so friendly and caring.

Nikki FortWhyte Farms Junior Staffer

Working at the farm has broadened my perspective of the world, it’s taught me about agriculture, culinary, history, and soon carpentry. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about other jobs and careers we may want to pursue. It also lifts my mood whenever I’m here, the environment is always upbeat and welcoming.

youth hold up farm scarecrow