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We're fighting climate change and building a community of environmental stewardship.

Individual walks with bike to look at solar panels in summer

Building a Green Culture

FortWhyte Alive’s existence demonstrates the possibility of environmental renewal and regeneration. Through community cooperation, what began as an industrial site is now 660 acres of green space. More than 125,000 people visit us each year to find their own connection with nature. The deeper our relationship with nature, the stronger our commitment to protecting it for generations to come.

FortWhyte Alive believes that sustainable communities are built on three essential and interconnected cornerstones: a healthy natural environment, a vibrant economy, and a healthy and equitable social environment. These three pillars ground and motivate everything we do at FortWhyte.

Stories of Sustainability

Reduce Your Phantom Power

Phantom power can account for up to 10 per cent of all electricity used in our homes. Learn ways to reduce your phantom power in your home.

Today is World Water Day

The Leak Detector Challenge is a fun and educational way for the whole family to learn the importance of saving water. The best part, you probably already have everything you need!

Arctic Science Day 2020

FortWhyte Alive collaborated with the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Earth Observation Sciences to host the 11th annual Arctic Science Day this past Thursday, March 5th.

Freshwater Ecology Day

Freshwater Ecology Day at FortWhyte Alive welcomed students for a day of hands-on learning experiences facilitated by freshwater scientists and experts.

Shorelines at FortWhyte Alive

Shorelines along the lakes at FortWhyte Alive are great places to watch a sunset, go fishing, or launch a canoe, but shorelines are also important spaces for wildlife habitat, erosion prevention and water quality protection.

Seasons of Learning

At FortWhyte Forest School, we see how each season has a rhythm all its own. We listen and let it guide school.