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Building memories that last a lifetime

Posted on May 25, 2020

So many of our childhood memories are rooted in discovery. 

Four children smiling and leaning up against a tree in summer

That first moment we find wildlife under a fallen log, or watch a flower bloom right in front of our eyes feels like pure magic. Our minds expand as we start to see ourselves as part of an ecosystem greater than just ourselves.

At Nature Day camp, these experiences happen naturally and at the pace of our campers.


Camp volunteer and child playing together

Warm winds gently sweep through the trails and encourage campers to breathe deeply. We watch as their daily stresses melt away under the warm sun, and their focus turns to what’s in front of them. 

Learning is disguised as play as we explore the trails, boardwalks, and marshes. Every day is a new opportunity to learn as nature acts on its own accord. We learn to look at nature from a new perspective, crouching low to the ground like a rabbit, or climbing up high in the tree house for the view of a bird.

But camp at FortWhyte Alive provides opportunities beyond discovering nature. It is an opportunity for campers to safely test their own independence, build relationships with others, and learn more about themselves and their own interests. 

Three children holding up their bows and arrows at summer camp

Children who spend time in nature at a young age feel more connected to it as they grow up, and notice the benefits of it. They learn more than the nature around them. They learn ways to protect it and take that knowledge home. Mere minutes in nature improves our wellbeing, and a full day at camp leaves children energized and ready for more.

These are the moments that build up memories for a lifetime. If you would like your child to build their connection to nature, sign up for Nature Day Camp.

Nature Day Camp: May 25 - June 26


Habitat Heroes (5 – 7 years old)

Aspen Adventurers (8 -10 years old)


FortWhyte Alive Members: $47/day

Non-Members: $52/day


Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my child need to be to register for camp?

They need to be 5-7 or 8-10 at the time of camp.


What cleaning measures will FWA be taking?

Our buildings are professionally cleaned each evening with approved products for fighting COVID-19. Staff will be using an approved spray to sanitize high-touch points numerous times throughout the day. Staff will also oversee hand washing and carry sanitizer with them on the trails. Hands will be washed prior to eating.


Camp is mostly outdoors—what happens if it’s cold or wet out?

Camp runs rain or shine, but safety is our top priority. If the weather does not allow us to be outside, we will hold camp sessions inside until it’s safe to go back outdoors. The indoor spaces used are large enough to allow distancing, and our staff will monitor campers and have floor markings to indicate safe spaces.


How large are camp groups? Who leads them?

Per the Manitoba Government, group sizes will be no more than 16 campers. Each group will have 2 FortWhyte Education staff members leading the program and ensuring the safety of the group.


I have kids in both camps. Can I drop them off together?

Unfortunately, due to construction on site and our limited group sizes, we are not able to offer walkovers. If you have children in both camps, you will need to drive to both sites. We recommend first stopping at the Adventure Site, then coming up to McCreary to make your drive easier.