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Connecting with nature and each other

You turn adventurers into changemakers.

As you know, spending time outside leads to positive change.

Thanks to you, FortWhyte’s varied habitats are here for people to enjoy.

For Adrian, that means riding the trails with his daughter. Their time outside together inspires his work to make outdoor experiences and sustainability more inclusive and accessible.

This time spent outdoors is important to us as it allows us to gain and appreciation of the natural world.

- Adrian Alphonso, Director, Clear Paths at Momenta & FortWhyte Alive Member

Cycling the trails is just the beginning. Whether you’re canoeing our lakes, watching the birds, or teaching your children about nature, there are countless ways people connect here. And they wouldn’t be able to do it without donors like you, who last year alone allowed 100,000 nature lovers to do what they love at FortWhyte.   

Your investment in outdoor recreation benefits the planet and its people. When others are able to connect and appreciate what nature has to offer, they can take action to keep our planet healthy. 

Daniel Baylis


We’re inspired by you! Your passion and participation prove that every one of us can make a difference as we work towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can continue on a path to change by connecting humans with nature!

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