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Donor Profile: Manitoba Community Services Council

Posted on November 21, 2016


Manitoba Community Services Council (MCSC) is a truly important asset in our province.

MCSC exists to support the many community organizations doing great work in Manitoba -- and does so in a variety of ways. MCSC provides community grants and also allocates bingo events to non-profit organizations throughout the province. As such, MCSC has provided support to FortWhyte Alive through both bingo event allocations and community grants.

In recent years, these funds have been in support of FortWhyte Alive’s Inner-City School Program. This initiative provides complimentary field trip experiences out in nature to underserved schools.

We believe that, regardless of economic situation, all children and youth need the opportunity to engage with the important environmental issues of our time -- including freshwater management, biodiversity protection and climate change. Our goal at FortWhyte Alive is to equip all students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed as future leaders in sustainability.

Because many schools in Manitoba do not have the resources to pay for supplementary programming, we therefore rely on support from the community to subsidize at least a portion of program delivery costs. That’s where community supporters like MCSC come in.

“FortWhyte Alive is a wonderful example of one of the many diverse initiatives the Manitoba Community Services Council is proud to support,” said Christine Landry, Chairperson of MCSC.

“Their work to educate, engage and inspire visitors speaks to their on-going work at knowledge-building and the promotion of environmentally sustainable practises. Their work and commitment is valued among our Council members. We look forward to many more years of innovative success at FortWhyte Alive.”

Without a doubt, MCSC’s support has made a major impact here at FortWhyte Alive and for thousands of students across Manitoba.

Thank you, Manitoba Community Services Council for your continued support!