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Earth Day 2018

Thanks for celebrating Earth Day 2018 with us! You came out in the thousands to connect with nature, learn, and get inspired to take steps in honour of the earth. We enjoyed a great day in nature, all in the name of celebrating our planet. We'd like to extend a big FortWhyte Alive thank you to:

  • Our Media and Entertainment Stage partner CBC Manitoba, who brought out their awesome virtual reality bison experience, a fun scavenger hunt, and our friend Scout from CBC Kids.
  • Our Park and Ride Sponsor, Outlet Collection Winnipeg for supporting green transportation this Earth Day.
  • Ken Sky, Aaron Burnett and Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School's 2018 Sharing Dance group for sharing their talents and environmental message with us.
  • All of our amazing exhibitors at FortWhyte Alive and the FortWhyte Farms mini market – big shout out to Mother Earth Recycling for picking up all that e-waste!
  • Our new FortWhyte Alive Members, as well as those who renewed their memberships this Earth Day – thank you for supporting environmental education at FortWhyte Alive!
  • Our incredible team of FortWhyte Alive volunteers – without you this event would not have been possible. Thank you!

Finally, thanks to all of you that came out to take some time out to honour and appreciate this incredible planet. We love celebrating Earth Day, but imagine where we would be if, instead of celebrating our planet on just one day each year, we celebrated and took earth-friendly action every day of the year?

Let's make Earth Day, every day.

Join us and learn, join the community or donate today.





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