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Earth Day, Every Day

Posted on March 29, 2016


Here at FortWhyte Alive, it's no secret that we love celebrating Earth Day. But imagine where we would be if, instead of celebrating our planet on just one day each year, we celebrated and took climate-friendly action every day of the year? To get us started, here are a few small actions we can to do to celebrate our earth everyday this month:

  1. Walk, bike or bus to work or somewhere else once a week (did you know that FortWhyte Alive has a zero emission, zero admission policy?)
  2. Compost your yard and kitchen waste (check out Earth Machine composters, available in the Nature Shop)
  3. Install a toilet tank water saver
  4. Switch to energy efficient/CFL light bulbs
  5. Use a re-usable coffee mug (or, hey, why not check out our awesome enamel camping mugs? Available now in the Nature Shop.)
  6. Start a “stuff swap” (or check out our gear exchange next month)
  7. Use re-usable containers (we've got reusable sandwich/snack bags in the Nature Shop, too)
  8. Choose phosphate-free detergents
  9. Use a shower timer and give your family incentives for taking shorter showers (you guessed it, shower timers are also available in the Nature Shop!)
  10. Donate unwanted clothing
  11. Keep re-usable bags in your car or purse
  12. Install a rain barrel
  13. Check out your local farmer’s market (be sure to check our our favourite, The Market, starting up again this summer)
  14. Turn your furnace down at night
  15. Plant your own vegetable garden
  16. Receive your bills electronically
  17. Buy non-perishable items in bulk in order to avoid excess packaging
  18. Walk your kids to school instead of dropping them off
  19. Recycle your old batteries (we have several battery drop boxes here at FortWhyte Alive)
  20. Or, better yet, use rechargeable batteries
  21. Try ‘Meat Free Mondays’ (there are lots of vegetarian options on offer at the Buffalo Stone Cafe)
  22. Bring your old paint and other hazardous waste to collection depots
  23. Use a re-usable water bottle
  24. Borrow books from the library instead of buying new
  25. Look for the ‘Energy Star’ symbol when buying new appliances
  26. Use a clothesline in warm weather
  27. Install aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets
  28. Plant native flowers and grasses in your garden (invite nature into your back yard with our Naturescape program orcheck out our upcoming Naturescape presentation on Xeriscaping – low maintenance gardening to suit the existing conditions of your property)
  29. Avoid harsh cleaners and using try vinegar and baking soda
  30. Use old plastic bags as garbage bags -- why spend money on bags that you’re just going to throw in the trash! Use your old shopping bags to save on all sorts of things including money in your pocket.

There you have it! 30 ways to celebrate our planet every day this month. If you're still in the mood for celebrating our Earth (we sure hope so!), join us on Sunday, April 24th for our biggest Earth Day celebration yet!