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Slow the Flow

Help your students understand where their water comes from and how to conserve it.

High School students testing water samples on Water Ecology Day

Water is our planet’s most essential and most limited resource. The same water you see in your glass has been moving through the water cycle for billions of years. Here in Canada, we are lucky to be home to 9% of the Earth’s available freshwater. Yet some communities in Canada and around the world do not have access to clean drinking water, and many of us experience the impact of water pollution in our rivers and lakes.

How can we learn to appreciate and protect our freshwater? A great place to start is to understand where our water comes from and learn ways to conserve water and prevent pollution. The following resources offer you a way to engage your students in understanding local drinking water sources, water conservation tips, and ways to protect our freshwater.

Slow the Flow Teaching Resource

The Slow the Flow resource is available at no cost and contains 11 curriculum-linked lesson plans featuring topics including water conservation, pollution prevention, and Winnipeg’s drinking water source. You will find Powerpoints, rubrics, and instructions for classroom learning and additional learning resources, all on one convenient USB-stick.

Request one over email or phone us at 204-989-8355 x 203 and we will mail one out to you.

The Slow the Flow resource contains links to Grade 7 and 8 curriculum, but can be modified for teaching other grades.

It includes:

  • Slow the Flow Water Education Resource (English)
  • Slow the Flow Water Education Resource — Rural and Northern Version (English)
  • ÉcoL’eau ressource educative (français) – la
    traduction vers le français ayant été assumée par la
    Division scolaire Louis Riel.
  • Liquid Assets Resources — teaching ideas around diverse water themes
  • Conservation Ambassadors Program — take-home extension activities

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