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Leak Detector Challenge

Simply use our Leak Detector Worksheets to check school bathrooms, labs, and change rooms for dripping taps, leaky showerheads or running toilets.

Hand hovering over lake of water

Save Water

Complete the Leak Detector Worksheet, report your findings to school maintenance, and have your students determine next steps for making students at your school more aware of the importance of water conservation.

Contact with your school’s name, the grade you teach, and the number of students (maximum 30 students). We provide Leak Detector worksheets and instructions.

Deadline for submissions:
Spring Challenge: April 15
Fall Challenge: November 15

Submit your findings to us here, and receive participation prizes for each student including shower timers and family admission passes to FortWhyte Alive.

Note: The Leak Detector Challenge participation prize packages are available within Winnipeg only, but rural schools are welcome to request the Leak Detector Worksheets to complete their own Challenge!

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