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Our curriculum-informed K-12 programming provides everything you need for outstanding environmental education at your school and at FortWhyte Alive.

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Outdoor Education At FortWhyte Alive

At FortWhyte Alive, your students can spread out in nature and learn in a safe environment. Our interpretive school programming covers grades K-12 and changes with the seasons.

Check out our 2020-2021 At FortWhyte Alive School Program Guide for detailed descriptions and booking information.

You can find practical information, FortWhyte Alive policies, and answers to frequently asked questions in our Teacher Guide.



Outdoor Education At Your School

We know your school is working diligently to maintain a safe environment for students to learn in, and we want you to know that FortWhyte is here as always to help.

We have designed a series of programs that we can bring to your schoolyard to engage your students in outdoor learning. We will always use safe sanitizing and physical distancing procedures, plus follow any additional safety requirements your school may have in place.

Check out our 2020-2021 At Your School Program Guide for detailed descriptions and booking information.

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Online Bookings Only

Booking your program at FortWhyte Alive is easy and starts with completing our online booking form (above). We do not take bookings over the phone.


If you have chosen an At Your School program, you will receive an invoice. If you have chosen an At FortWhyte Alive program, you can pay upon arrival with cheques, purchase orders, and credit cards. We are not accepting cash at this time. Invoicing is an option, but is subject to a $10 processing fee.

Honestly, all the experiences are meaningful for them. Besides the activities, students obtained special tidbits of information about nature that they learned through hands-on experiences and the leadership of the guides.

Teacher Welcome to Winter Program

In my teaching context, we teach students who need a lot of support adjusting to their new country. This day is a great way to lessen anxiety about cold weather in our country, make positive memories of their first years in Canada and gain cultural and historical insight to their new home.