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Virtual Outdoor Education

Leave the planning to us!

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FortWhyte is excited to offer comprehensive virtual programs for Manitoba teachers. We know that you have plenty on your plate as you navigate teaching during a pandemic. Stay connected to FortWhyte and let us take the classroom centre stage.

Our preferred platform for delivery is Zoom, however we can adapt to Microsoft Team, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Each program will include a mix of indoor and outdoor supporting activities that will help your class delve into the topic of your choice.

Grades: K-5: 30 minutes ($60)

Grades: 6-8: 45 minutes ($70)

Your program package includes:

  • Introductory activities to spark interest
  • A live presentation facilitated by a FortWhyte Interpreter
  • Q&A period
  • Follow up activities for your students to expand the learning experience

All programs are adapted to your classroom’s grade level. When booking, please have a few dates and times prepared. If you have any questions you can call Dana Forster at (204) 989-8355 x 204.

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Goodness Gracious Geese!

Grades K-5  

Discover more about our migrating neighbours, geese! Where do they find food? How do they pick their nest spots? How do they stay warm? Learn about these amazing animals, their incredible migration, and their daily lives.

Grades 6-8

Geese are champion migrators, amazing aviators, and fiercely family focussed. Their physical and behaviour adaptations of geese have allowed it to bounce back from near extinction to be incredibly successful.  Learn more about this super-species!

Waste Reduction

Grades K-3 

Reduce, reuse, recycle!  Learn the ABC’s of recycling, you might be surprised about what can and can’t go in the blue bin.  Plus discover ways to reduce how much waste you produce as well as tips on packing a waste-free lunch.

Grades 4-8 

What happens to our trash after it goes in the garbage?  Follow a wrapper from the garbage bin to the landfill and learn about the environmental impacts that our waste creates.  Uncover some common recycling misconceptions and learn about how to reduce your garbage footprint.

Wilderness Survival

Grades K-5 

Learn about important outdoor skills that any age should know to help with the ability to cope with our harsh climate here in Manitoba. Outdoor Skills will focus on how to dress for winter, how to build a fire, how to build an emergency shelter and some important things to pack when heading out for an adventure with your family.

Grades 6-8 

Learn the importance of preparation and sound decisions in a wilderness survival situation. Learn how to pack a survival bag, tools to help in a survival situation and steps to follow when confronted with the need to survive in the wilderness.

Wacky Weather

Grades K-5 

Cloudy, rainy, sunny, snowy, hot, cold…we have so many weather words because weather matters so much!  Learn how water and sunshine combine to make our weather. Discover how weather impacts animals and plants, and how we can protect our atmosphere and climate.

Grades 6-8 

The weather in Manitoba’s climate ranges from -30 in the winter to +30 in the summer. As Manitobans, we should embrace all weather, by learning how to take advantage of what each season has to offer. Plus you will learn amazing adaptations plants and animals have to survive. Learn some weather forecasting techniques, and get ready to be a backyard weather reporter.


Grades K-5 

Orange, banana and carrot peels, oh my!  Did you know all these things can be composted?  Learn about the basics of composting and why it’s important.  Plus, get tips on how to start composting at home or at school.

Grades 6-8 

Did you know that ⅓ of household waste is compostable?  When organics/food and plant material go to the landfill, they create greenhouse gasses, which are contributing to global climate change.  Discover how composting can help reduce our impact on the planet and get tips on how to start composting at home or at school.

Manitoba Mammals

Grades K-8 

Manitoba is full of magnificent mammals from north to south and east to west. Let’s learn as a group about some of our most popular mammals found here in our home province as we focus on such things as biology, behaviour and impacts they face.

Water Quality

Grades 7-12

Water is essential to all life on Earth. Learn about how scientists measure water quality, by looking at physical, chemical and biological properties. Find out how different substances dissolved in the water can impact the entire ecosystem.

Local Biodiversity

Grades 6-12

In the outdoors, there are so many different living things and ecosystems around us to discover. Learn all about different plants, animals, fungi, and microbes that live locally – you’ll discover a world of difference in our own backyards!

Life Cycles

Grades K-4

What is a life cycle? What is metamorphosis? Learn how the animals around us grow. Discover insects, frogs, Canada geese and other animals which are born or hatched at FortWhyte Alive in the spring season.

Amazing Adaptations

Grades 4-6

Animals and plants are adapted to their habitats in many ways. Learn about some fascinating physical and behavioural adaptations which make different animals fit perfectly into their role in a forest, wetland or grassland.

Spring has Sprung

Grades K-3

Spring brings warmer weather and with it, the awakening of many animals!  Learn about what the changing season means for geese, rabbits and turtles as well as how plants and trees are coming to life.

What’s in our Waste -
Waste Audits for Kids

Grades 4-8

Conducting a waste audit is a great way to assess what your school is throwing away and how to reduce your trash. We’ll explain the process step by step so you can help to fight the war on waste.

Looking for another topic?

Contact us directly if you have a nature topic that didn’t make the list. Our interpreters will customize a program that meets the needs of you and your students. 

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