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There is always something new to discover each time you visit FortWhyte Alive.

Visitor biking on trail through forest

Another wonderful visit to FortWhyte at the Goose Flight sunset event. It was an awesome evening with bannock and s'mores we roasted ourselves and enjoyed the sunset while birds were landing in front of us on the lake. The sounds and the views were beautiful.

Dimistris Protsios Visitor

Great scenery. Amazing wildlife setting with well kept walking paths right in the city.

David Brown Visitor

Great place for a walk in any season.

Rogerio Camorim Visitor

Great place to enjoy the outdoors! We rented bikes in the summer and explored the wooded trails.


Volunteer Spotlight: Gary Brown

Thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers, members and partners, it's possible for more visitors to get up close with nature in many different ways — like Gary Brown, one of FortWhyte Alive's most dedicated volunteers.

5 ways to be more sustainable at home

When it comes to sustainability, it may help to think of the process as a clock. If you were to look at one turning gear, it might not be clear what purpose it serves. It is only when you see how that gear interacts with another, and then another, to realize how they coincide and work together to accomplish one common goal.

Bird Photography for Beginners

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5 Steps to Start Birding

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7 Ways to Spend Time Outside Today

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You help keep nature accessible

This year, FortWhyte needs your support more than ever to continue to inspire the next generation. Help us reach our goal with a donation to keep nature accessible for all.

We’re adapting at FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive has been advised by public health authorities that in order to comply with the new restrictions all our facilities, including our trails, must be closed to the public during this critical phase.