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Older Adult Groups

Join us for food and fun at FortWhyte Alive. Our programs are suitable for older adults who are fully active or have limited mobility. We also offer lunch and snack menus with smaller portions.

A group of visitors take in fall migration as birds descend on the lake at sunset.

Whatever the season, nature has a story to tell

Step Back in Time (January – April)

If you went back in time could you live the life of a pioneer settler? Learn about our forefathers as they broke the virgin prairie sod and created a new life on an unforgiving land. Enjoy stories of prairie pioneer firsts!

Birds of a Feather (May – June)

Turn your ears to the treetops to catch the song of an elusive oriole or enjoy the many finches and sparrows that call our bird feeding stations home. With spring comes the annual miracle of migration. Learn about the hundreds of species that nest or simply pass through our 640 acres of forests, wetlands and lakes.

Blossoms and Blooms (July – August)

You’ll go wild over our wildflowers! From the small, sweet scent of the bedstraw to the large nodding head of the sunflower, we have it all. Learn to recognize the most beautiful wildflowers of the forest and prairies.

World of the White-tail (September – November)

Bucks, does and fawns – our forests are full of these year-round residents. Test your deer knowledge with an interactive presentation on the life history of the white-tailed deer.