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The Family Leak Detector Challenge



The Family Leak Detector Challenge


This October, FortWhyte Alive – in partnership with the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department – presents the Family Leak Detector Challenge!

How to Participate: Complete a leak audit in your home between October 1 and October 31. It’s easy! Check all fixtures and toilets in your house for leaks and conduct a 30-minute water meter check for any additional leaks.

What's in it for you?: Save water and money by fixing costly leaks. Each participating family will receive a shower timer, and be entered in a draw to win a FortWhyte one-year family membership. Prize will be awarded via email on November 3rd .

Click here for the Family Leak Detector Challenge details.
Ready to submit your results? Fill in our online form by clicking here.

Are you a teacher? Check out the School Leak Detector Challenge happening now!



Did you know?

The average Winnipegger uses 160 litres of water per day at home. That's a just under one standard bathtub of water per person!

Indoor water use


How can you reduce your water footprint?

Check for Leaks:
Water waste may be happening right under your nose!

  • Use your Water Meter to find clues. If the meter is running when you are not using water, you have a leak!
  • Toilet leaks can be silent and difficult to detect. Add a drop of dye to your tank, don't flush, and watch the bowl. If the water in the bowl changes colour, you have a leak! 
  • Drip, drop – a faucet dripping once a minute will waste 2.5 litres per week!

Wally Watersaver

Fix your Leaks: Put on your plumber's hat!

250px-Energy_Star_logo.svg WS-Meets-Logo


Replace: Maybe it's time for an upgrade.



Conserve Every Day: There's more you can do!

  • Try a shower timer, and cut your shower length to five minutes. Available at the Nature Shop.
  • Drink tap water! Keep a jug in the fridge. (photo of water jug)
  • Plug that drain when washing vegetables, doing dishes or handwashing laundry.
  • Buy a rain barrel for your garden and ditch the hose. Available in the Nature Shop.

Interested in doing more to sustain healthy water in our community?
Come out to Water Day on October 15 to search for underwater creatures with a net, test water quality with a water chemistry kit, learn about watersheds, and make your very own take-home shower timer craft.

Check out our water sustainability tips by clicking here.

Find out more about City of Winnipeg's Water Conservation programs by clicking here.

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