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Use these resources at home with your family to learn how to reduce your water usage.

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1. Check for Leaks Often

Check for leaks at least every 3 months, or when you get your water bill in the mail.

Use your Water Meter to find clues. If the meter is running when you are not using water, you have a leak!

Toilets can be silent and difficult to detect. To see if you have a leak, add a drop of dye to your tank, don’t flush, and watch the bowl. If the water in the bowl changes colour, you have a silent leak.

2. Fix Your Leaks

Leaks add up fast. A faucet dripping once a minute will waste 2.5 litres per week. A toilet leak can waste over 135 litres per day, equivalent to a 20 minute shower.

Grab a wrench and fix your leak with a twist, or call in some outside help.

Start by watching this video on how to Replace a Leaky Toilet Flapper.

4. Replace Old Fixtures or Toilets

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! WaterSense and Energy Star are good choices for appliances and fixtures.

Be sure to check for current rebates with Efficiency Manitoba.

WaterSense has great resources to help you at home. Check out these videos for guidance:


4. Conserve Water Everyday

Small actions add up to big results!

Try a shower timer and keep your shower length to five minutes. Available at The Nature Shop.

Drink tap water! Keep a jug in the fridge so that you have cold water ready to drink without running the tap.

Plug the drain when washing vegetables, doing dishes or hand washing laundry.

Buy a rain barrel for your garden and ditch the hose. Available in The Nature Shop.