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Student Forest Immersion

Student Forest Immersion is temporarily on hold until further notice.

Children walk in a line between tall grass in autumn

Forest Immersion

As we head into a new school year unlike any other before, we know that some families are hesitant to send their children to school in an indoor setting. More than ever, outdoor learning needs to play a significant role in every child’s education.

In outdoor environments, children have more space to move and fewer shared surfaces to touch. Plus, being outdoors in nature supports mental health and increases children’s happiness and sense of joy! 


According to the Lawson Foundation, promoting and facilitating more opportunities for kids to be outside will have significant and immediate positive impacts for both public health COVID-19 control measures and critical child development and learning. 

Here at FortWhyte Alive, our balanced blend of curriculum inspired lessons and experiential learning opportunities in our 660 acre outdoor classroom provides an excellent compliment to your child’s at home learning.

Make nature part of your child’s education

Not sure if Student Forest Immersion is right for your child? Research shows that outdoor learning has positive impacts on their physical and mental health, and will have significant positive impacts on public health COVID-19 control measures.

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