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Forest School, All Year

Posted on April 22, 2022

We’re excited to be making changes to our much beloved Forest School program!

Starting Fall 2022, the Forest School program will have the following two sessions per year:

  • September – June (10 months)
  • July – August (2 months)
Forest School leader crouching down with children showing them a bug

Our program is guided by the principles outlined by the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada (CNAC) Forest School Principles and the reason we are making these changes is so that our program can fulfil these principles on a more fundamental level.

“The really magical thing is that it changed our whole family’s perspective on being outside. It’s helped us all appreciate the outdoors.”

—Lauren MacDiarmid, Forest School parent

Here are the three core values that will be greatly benefitted from our new session schedule: 

  • The benefits of consistency within the child group. When the group will be the same from September to June, it will be easier for the children to develop deeper relationships and build trust with their peers and the staff.
  • A longer session allows for the children to develop a reciprocal relationship with the Land and an appreciation of being a part of the natural world as they will be visiting the same outdoor spaces on a regular and repeated basis.
  • When the children will be a part of a year-round program, they will be able to experience the outdoors in all kinds of weather during the different seasons. This builds resilience and the freedom to be outside in all weather conditions and not just wait for the “nice” days. Children’s freedom is also benefited as they become more comfortable the longer they are part of the program which allows them to choose a wider range of activities and explorations based on their interests and comfort level.