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FortWhyte 5: May Experiences

What a winter! We have had SNOW much fun snowshoeing, skiing, and sliding that we almost don’t want it to end! …Almost. Alright, we must admit that we are ready to throw off our afghans and cozy reading socks to don rubber boots and cute rain jackets. It is time for spring! 


Join us at FortWhyte Alive this May for wet and muddy fun as we watch nature wake up from its long winter nap and spring into action! We're sure that you are just as ready as we are for warm(ish) outdoor adventures. Check out all the great things this season has to offer: 


Jump on a Bison Safari

Climb aboard and go beyond the gates, deep into our bison prairie to experience your first up-close encounter with a herd of grunting, munching bison. These striking animals are stoic, hairy and huge! But don’t take our word for it -- you’ve got to see it to believe it. This rare opportunity to get acquainted with these iconic prairie giants is not only wildly entertaining, but also an adventure that will leave you knowing more about how these magnificent beasts have shaped the history of the prairies. Join us on one of our weekly safaris, happening every Thursday this May, and check out our newborn crew of baby bison. Click here for all the info! 


Springtime Sustainable Living

While the world celebrates Earth Day every year on the third Sunday in April, we try to remind everyone that Earth Day should be every day! As we watch buds blossom on the trees and fuzzy yellow gosling take their first steps into the world this spring, try to think about the daily choices that you can make to ensure that the world is a healthy place for new growth. Celebrate social sustainability by purchasing Fair Trade goods during Fair Trade Month – enjoy 15% off of fair trade coffee and tea from the Nature Shop during the month of May! Get down and dirty with a sustainable backyard through the purchase of a rain barrel or a composter, also available at the Nature Shop. The babies who are being welcomed into this world will thank you for it!

Spoilin’ our Mamas

Mothers Day is upon us and we can’t wait to spoil our favourite ladies. Brunch at FortWhyte Alive is quite a popular option – so popular that our annual Mother’s Day Brunch is already sold out! The Buffalo Stone Café serves a delicious and healthy breakfast all day, every day – so maybe this is the year to take your Mom out for breakfast a day or two early, (or late!). If you have been dying to get out to the Nature Shop to pick up a Coal & Canary Candle or locally made art for your Mom this year, this is the week to do it! Spend $20 at the Nature Shop before Mother’s Day and you will be entered to win a fabulous Mother’s Day gift basket. We know that all that Moms really want is quality time shared with you, so why not come out for a relaxing walk to enjoy some fresh air, or a bike ride to get the family moving. She sure deserves it! 


Paddlefest & FortWhyte Farms' Open House and Plant Sale 

Blooming buds in the backyard and perfect days for paddling… undoubtedly the best parts of warm weather in spring! Visit FortWhyte Farms for their Open House and Plant sale to take part in tours, games, demos, and plant sales – or just stop by to visit with our new Kuna Kuna pigs. MEC will be co-hosting Paddlefest on the same day so that you can celebrate the official start of water-sport season in Manitoba - workshops, voyageur canoeing and bannock baking… oh my! 


Get your Adventure On

It doesn’t matter what age you are, spring is the time to get movin’ and shakin’! This May we have programs going on that everyone will love. Families can get competitive (or not) with a Family Photo Challenge –take a picture at each stop on our list and you are guaranteed to have a memorable visit! Older adults are welcome to join us on a one-hour leisure walk for good chats and natures best every Thursday morning for the whole summer. For those who crave a bit of adventure, why not rent a canoe, rowboat or bicycle for a few hours? Check out our Events Calendar for more inspiration for May fun. Notice an abundance of fun activities that you would like to join in on? Consider becoming a member at FortWhyte Alive – 364 days of fun in the natural world.


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