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FortWhyte Spotlight: Shea Hunt

Posted on March 28, 2024

There are many special people in the FortWhyte Alive community – members, donors, volunteers, staff, and other supporters who make what we do possible.

But so many of these people support FortWhyte in more than one area, which is why we’re excited to rename our spotlights to something more flexible. No more donor spotlights, no more volunteer spotlights, just FortWhyte Spotlights.

Now, we’re excited to introduce you to our first-ever FortWhyte Spotlight – Shea Hunt.

As a donor, member, board member, and now a part of our Accessibility Committee, Shea has quickly found himself at the heart of FortWhyte Alive with a passion and dedication to make sure all people, and especially all children can access nature the same way he did as a child.

Thank you Shea for working to make nature accessible, thank you for making magic happen!

Shea stands on forest trail

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I love nature. When I was a child, my family lived in Swan River. That is where I gained my lifelong appreciation of the wilderness and environment. It was there that I learned from my family the importance of conservation and sustainability.

My mother was a child development specialist and with limited resources in a small town, she had me designing and building adaptive devices with guidance from my grandfather. I saw the barriers that kids with disabilities faced, and how engineering adaptive devices provided accessible solutions. This led me to my career as an Electronics Engineer and Manager of the Electronics Engineering department at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.

2. How did you learn about FortWhyte?

My family moved to Winnipeg when I was in elementary school. It was a bit of a shock not to have a forested acreage as my backyard. Fortunately, a field trip to FortWhyte, made me feel right back at home.

3. Why did you choose to become a donor to FortWhyte?

After graduation, I started my career and started thinking about giving back. As soon as I was financially able, FortWhyte was at the top of my list to support.

I felt strongly about protecting nature and having this place where kids could explore and experience nature like I had when I was growing up.

Shea stands on forest trail

4. What is your favourite memory at FortWhyte?

That would definitely be the toboggan slide. And I loved the fish aquarium.

5. What would you tell someone who is considering donating to FortWhyte?

In 2022, I was honoured and excited to join the board of FortWhyte. As a board member, I was able to see firsthand how our donations are making an impact. I know that any donation, no matter how much it is, can make a difference. I love knowing that our donations make it possible for school groups to bring kids to FortWhyte and experience what I did when I was a kid.


Thank you Shea for your commitment to making nature accessible at FortWhyte Alive. We look forward to getting even more people into nature with your help.

Considering making a gift and want to learn more about the ways you can support FortWhyte Alive? Visit Make a Gift to learn more.