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FWA Sustainability Report 2015


In February 2015, we launched our first-ever Sustainability Plan to guide our sustainability performance until 2020. As part of this plan, we made a commitment to track our environmental performance and report back to our members, donors, and the general public to tell the story about our successes and challenges.

Today, we are releasing our first-ever Sustainability Performance Report to provide an outline of our sustainability planning activities over the past year.

From the completion of lighting retrofits, a facility-wide waste audit, to various staff training and educational workshops, we have a lot of exciting accomplishments to share. Please take a minute to browse through this report -- we would love to know what you think!

FortWhyte Alive Sustainability Report 2015

Here are a few more photos of our sustainability initiatives throughout 2015, including new approaches to composting and active transportation, blower testing of our Interpretive Centre, and participating in Sustainability Month. It was a great year!


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