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“Knowing people are looking up to me helps push me further.”

Posted on December 9, 2019

At FortWhyte Farms we grow youth, food, and community.

In the garden and in the commercial kitchen youth learn about responsible land stewardship, food systems, and waste reduction as they build communication, teamwork, and money management skills. They are our most valuable ‘crop’ - youth who are engaged citizens and climate change leaders.

Youth like Jaden, an 18-year-old Kelvin High School graduate who spent his third summer at the farm. He's worked his way up to a mentor position and values the welcoming and diverse environment.

"The farm is a place that I really enjoy, everyone is really friendly and accepting, and there is always something interesting going on. The farm is a place that I feel safe and comfortable."

"Working at the farm has positively impacted me in multiple ways. Being in a leadership position has greatly improved my leadership skills, knowing people are looking up to me helps push me further. I now eat a lot better than I used to before I started working at FortWhyte Farms."

"Overall the farm has been an amazing part of my life."

It’s your philanthropy that empowers youth to become stewards of this planet. A responsibility and opportunity we all share. If you share our belief in this generation of climate champions please give generously.