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#GetSustainableFWA and Win this October!

October is Sustainability Month in Manitoba! Challenge yourself to turn over a new leaf this fall by lightening your environmental footprint.

Need some ideas? Our Sustainability Committee has come up with a number of ways for you to GET SUSTAINABLE!:

  • Glide to work or the store on your bike

  • Eat local food at a family-owned restaurant

  • Turn your compost and refresh your bin so you can compost into winter; or join Compost Winnipeg


  • Shorten your shower

  • Unload something old and pick up something new (to you) at a second-hand store

  • Sip on Fair Trade tea or coffee

  • Take transit

  • Ask for help

  • Inspire others to make their own change by tagging #GetSustainableFWA in your social posts

  • Nix the incandescent lighting in favour of LEDs

  • Always recycle your plastics and aluminum

  • Banish your phantom power and vampire electronics with a smart power bar

  • Load up on seasonal local veggies at a farmers' market

  • Exercise your right to make change at the individual, local and global level!


Try out a new, sustainable behaviour throughout the month of October and be entered to win by using the hashtag #GetSustainableFWA on Instagram, or by filling out your pledge online. Gettin' green could earn you one of three sustainable prizes from FortWhyte Alive!

Campy date night ($75 value): Barletta Beeswax candles, pottery bowl by Madeleine Kettner, Colibri Reusable snack bag, and 2 tin FortWhyte camping mugs  

Green gardening ($70 value): Earth Machine Compost Bin 

Wild eats ($45 value): Shoal Lake Wild Rice, Manitoba made Gorp Bars, Miinam Trippleberry Jam, FortWhyte Alive Local Cookbook (published in Winnipeg) 

Stay tuned for inspirational stories, tips and reminders throughout the month.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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