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Growing Youth

Posted on June 28, 2019

Shea holds one of the chickens she helps raise at FortWhyte Farms

Thanks to your generosity, Shea gained the confidence and skills she needed to land her first job.

On the Farm, diverse youth spend a summer working alongside caring mentors. Stints in agriculture, culinary, and carpentry operations provide Junior Staff greater understanding of their own interests and abilities. 

Because of you, youth are gaining employable skills and the confidence to enter new work environments. 

Three Junior Staff have already added to their resumes, including Shea. Her commercial kitchen experience on the Farm helped her land her first job, part-time work at a local restaurant.  


“I learned what to expect from work, how to prepare. Getting there on time all the time. And bringing all I need for the job, like my uniform and my lunch.”

Shea, FortWhyte Farms 2018 Junior Staff


Group of FortWhyte Farms Junior Staff working in the garden.

FortWhyte Farms employs local youth who have previously participated in the school-year program to work on the farm. In a full-time paid position, youth​ engage in farm tasks including: caring for livestock, gardening, cooking, preserving, beekeeping, butchering, carpentry, landscaping, education and community service.

While on the job, youth learn important job skills ​including like workplace communication, problem-solving, professionalism, and teamwork. 

Junior staff rolling out pizza dough in the Farm kitchen.

The Leadership Program provides opportunities for youth to further personal growth and professional development. This program is a part-time, paid opportunity for youth to build employment skills, engage in community service, gain certifications and develop a deeper connection to the farm, food and nature.


We’re inspired by you! Your passion and participation prove that every one of us can make a difference as we work towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can continue on a path to change by connecting humans with nature!

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