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Holding Down the Fort: Nature, wherever you are

Posted on June 16, 2020

Find nature, wherever you are. 

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Between sidewalk cracks and city corners, you’ll find proof that nature is resilient. Discover unexpected wildlife near your own home with this family-fun activity.

A child holds a handful of earth between their hands.

Hula Hoop Safari

1. Throw down a hula hoop. This is the area in which you will be making your observations.

2. Notice how many different plants are growing within the hula hoop. Consider any trees that stretch out above the hula hoop, which shares some of the same resources as those within the hula hoop.

3. Have your family each sketch some of the plants you’re seeing.

4. Notice who lives among these plants — pick through the plants and notice insects, spiders, and other critters. Draw these new discoveries!

5. Walk three strides away from the hula hoop, and look for nearby animal tracks, scat, and any signs of animals that live nearby. Listen for the sounds these animals make and see if you can spot them.

6. As a family, compare what your findings and find a new spot to discover!