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Introducing ‘The Goods’ CSA with FortWhyte Farms


Do good. Eat good. Feel good.


The Goods: Community-Shared Agriculture at FortWhyte Farms

At FortWhyte Farms, we grow food with heart… and with our environment and community in mind. We take great care to prepare ‘The Goods’: a fresh, tasty box of food for you to pick up right from the farm, meaning you get the ultimate local food experience. What’s more is that we work with you to make sure to your experience is easy, convenient, and fun!

Do you love cooking at home, trying new foods, and want to eat seasonally? If you answered ‘yes’, then The Goods CSA is great for you!

Each week you receive between 8 to 15 naturally-grown items to eat, as well as a newsletter featuring seasonal recipes and stories from the farm. We grow seasonally diverse food that reflects our Manitoba summers... over 80 tried-and-true varieties, mixed with a few unique vegetables and herbs that are fun to try. We harvest, wash, and pack your food within hours of pick up. Nothing beats the taste of a sun-ripened tomato, or a carrot pulled fresh from the ground!

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