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Investing in the Leaders of Tomorrow

Posted on April 11, 2017

Stantec’s corporate support a vital part of FWA’s foundation of success


In the early 1970s, key players in the wildlife conservation movement in Manitoba were frustrated with the lack of interest in environmental issues showed by the majority of educated, affluent city people. They knew that seemingly far-removed issues needed to be addressed, but if they couldn’t make the people in power care, who would? Out of this concern rose the idea of the ‘trickle-up’ theory; these individuals bounced around the idea that children visiting a nature centre could develop a passion for conservation and grow up to become stewards of the earth.
These progressive thinkers became the founders of FortWhyte Alive, a destination that has since evolved well past the vision of a modest nature centre, into a premiere multi-use area prioritizing experiential environmental education, outdoor recreation and social enterprise – a true urban oasis educating future leaders about nature… in nature.
FortWhyte Alive would not be what it is without the invaluable support of charitable and socially conscious, community-minded corporate supporters like Stantec.
The environment is a core priority for Stantec and they invest in building better communities through the financial support of projects that are in line with their brand. FortWhyte Alive’s commitment to environmental education fits perfectly with Stantec’s dedication to this area of community development, and as a result both organizations value a strong partnership forged over eight years of support of FWA’s environmental education offerings, like our spring program, Ever-Changing Ecology.
“At Stantec, we are a strong believer in supporting the efforts of local charities to better our communities. As a company that offers environmental consulting services, we take special interest in doing our part to preserve and safeguard our environment. We are proud to support FortWhyte Alive’s imaginative and interactive programs for children as a way to teach future leaders about principles of sustainable development and raise awareness in environmental conservation and management practices.”

  • Eric Wiens, Vice President, Regional Leader, Manitoba, Canada

Stantec’s efforts allow FortWhyte Alive to connect the leaders of tomorrow with the natural world so that they may learn to enjoy, understand and sustain it. We are truly grateful for their support!