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Leak Detector Challenge


This October, six schools took on the Leak Detector Challenge.


The challenge? Grade 5-8 classrooms were assigned with auditing their school for water wastage through leaky faucets, toilets or drinking fountains. There were 189 participating students and almost 5,000 L/day of water leaks detected.

Through this project, students gained awareness of the amount of water used at school each day, and often noticed a significant amount of water being wasted. After summarizing their results, students took the next step of communicating the leak results to the maintenance staff and/or principal, and even to other classes in the school. Some students decided to talk to younger students to teach them not to leave taps running, and others decided working with their younger buddies to design water- conserving inventions. As an extension to the leak audit, one school is organizing a day of sustainability workshops for students, staff and parents, and another class is taking the leak detector challenge home to detect and fix leaks in their own homes.

All students received water conservation kits including faucet aerators, toilet leak dye tabs, shower timers as well as a family pass to FortWhyte Alive. Congratulations Leak Detectors, and thank you for helping to conserve water in your community!

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Learn how to fix leaks around your home: WaterSense: How to Fix a Leak

Take the challenge and use our Water Audit Workbook in your home.

This program is supported by City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department.


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