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Saving the planet, one drop at a time!

Posted on April 4, 2017


This March, families and schools took on the Leak Detector Challenge and checked toilets, sinks, water fountains and other appliances for water wastage. Over 90 students from 5 schools, and 5 Winnipeg families found those leaks and got them fixed, resulting in an estimated savings of nearly 400 L/day in total! Participants also received shower timers and other water conservation prizes.

The Leak Detector Challenge provides an opportunity for students and families to become more aware of the amount of water that can be lost due to leaks every day. This conserved water also translates to savings on your City water bill!

Schools that took part involved a range of students from young as Grade 2 up to adult learners. Each group came away with further actions they will be taking to educate others in their school about the importance of water and water conservation. New ideas include changing behaviours, such as not playing with the motion detection water fountain, to developing posters and presentations for the rest of the school, to finding other ways to conserve including using reusable water bottles.

Want to get involved? The Leak Detector Challenge happens every October and March.

Want to start saving water now? Follow these easy tips! 

Slow the Flow and the Leak Detector Challenge are supported by funding from the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department.