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Rick Hansen Accessibility Event Recap

On Thursday, September 7th FortWhyte Alive hosted an awareness event to recognize the recent Rick Hansen Foundation Access4All funding (with the support of the Government of Canada and Province of Manitoba) to upgrade onsite facilities in the Alloway Reception Centre and Siobhan Richardson Field Station.

This event helped shed light on this very important project, thanked local community leaders for their continued support and celebrated the communities’ achievements in making Canada a more accessible and inclusive nation. We were excited to share the details of our work with the community and to celebrate the members of our community who are supporting our efforts! 

Notable officials who attended the event included The Honourable Stephen Fletcher, PC MLA Assiniboia, and Mr. Jon Reyes, MLA St. Norbert on behalf of the Province of Manitoba. Local Metis fiddler Murray Jowett serenaded us as desserts and refreshments followed the formal ribbon cutting ceremony.

There is a long way to go before there is universal ‘Access For All’, however FortWhyte Alive is proud to have been able to make strides towards the betterment of our facilities in support of all our valuable guests. We greatly appreciate the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada for their support of this important project.

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