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Slow the Flow: Fall 2016

Anju Bajaj and her Science Club, October 2016

Did you know a tap that drips just six times per minute wastes over seven bathtubs worth of water each year? And that one running toilet could be wasting up to 200 litres of water per day?

The Leak Detector Challenge is a water leak audit program delivered by FortWhyte Alive with the ongoing support of City of Winnipeg Water and Waste. The program is offered to teachers in Winnipeg schools in October and March each year.

After completing a survey of school washrooms, water fountains, gym showers, and other such areas found in their school, students calculate the amount of water being lost through dripping taps or running toilets school-wide each and every day. Students share their findings, endeavour to get leaks fixed, and brainstorm other ways to conserve and to educate their classmates on the importance of water conservation. All participating students receive a Slow the Flow water bottle as well as water conservation tools such as a shower timer and faucet aerator for their efforts.

We would like to extend a big thanks to our Fall 2016 Leak Detectors:

  • Anju Bajaj’s Grade 7 and 8 Science Club at Holy Cross School
  • Shelby Primmett’s adult learners at Seven Oaks Adult Learning Centre
  • Kera Borodkin’s Grade 2’s at Balmoral Hall School

For the first time, the March 2017 Leak Detector Challenge will include families, too! To get involved and receive your own home Leak Detector Challenge kit, please contact slowtheflow@fortwhyte.org.

For more on the Slow the Flow program, visit www.fortwhyte.org/slowtheflow

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