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Step Out of the Office and Into the Wild

You know the feeling. That feeling when you’re on the cusp of something big. Whether with your company, small business or side hustle, sometimes you need that extra push, or that extra dose of inspiration to carry you and your team past the finish line.

We’re here to invite you to look to nature to find the energy and inspiration you’ve been looking for. We’ve witnessed hundreds of teams step out of the office and into the wild to finish that project, meet that deadline or create that strategic plan.

We know it works. We’ve seen it. It’s that secret ingredient that only fresh air – and a fresh perspective – can provide.

You know that:

  • An inspiring, stimulating space is the very first step towards creativity and productivity
  • Details, great design, stunning views and setting makes all the difference
  • Your work is leaving a mark, and you want to do everything you can to make an impact in our community

FortWhyte Alive’s inspired meeting spaces feature a comfortable and modern working environment, complete with great design, incredible natural light, and all the amenities – perfect for your next annual meeting, strategic planning session, workshop or round of interviews.

The Doug Harvey Lakeside Meeting Room features this stunning solid wood boardroom table made from reclaimed elm, a custom creation by Winnipeg's Wood Anchor.

What really sets us apart?

  • An inspiring, retreat-like setting, without the hassle of leaving the city
  • Opportunity for outdoor breakout sessions and experiences
  • A chance to make an impact – choosing a truly green venue can help your meet your own sustainability goals and objectives

A Memorable Experience

Let's just say this — if you want to have your afternoon coffee break in a canoe, we can make that happen.

We make it easy for you to inject your meeting, session or retreat with a unique outdoor experience you won’t get anywhere else in the city. Forget ‘team building’ in the traditional sense and imagine yourself doing something you’d love to do on a weekday – think canoeing, snowshoeing, or a simple walk in the woods. You decide. These wild experiences will leave your team with renewed energy and inspiration that will last long after your visit.

We truly believe that exploring, learning and connecting with nature is how we can create change in the world. If you’ve been waiting to book your experience with us, there’s never been a better time than now.

What’s next? Share with your business partner, co-worker or boss today and book your team’s experience to kick start the new season. Visit fortwhyte.org/rentals to learn more and get in touch at bookings@fortwhyte.org to check availability for Fall 2018.

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