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Today is World Water Day!


Did you know the average Winnipeg household uses 152 litres of water every day? That's just under one standard bathtub of water per person.


Many of us are privileged to have access to clean drinking water simply by turning on the tap. But, clean water is a limited resource that not everyone has such access to. So we have a responsibility to respect the water that we use.


That's why on World Water Day, we're inviting you to take part in our online Leak Detector Challenge. It's a fun and educational way for the whole family to learn the importance of saving water.


The best part, you probably already have everything you need:

  • a measuring cup
  • a set of measuring spoons of known volume (e.g. teaspoon, tablespoon)
  • food colouring

This contest has finished, please complete the next Challenge in October 2020.


Submit your results by March 31, 2020 for a chance to WIN a rain barrel -- and save even more water at home!


Reduce Your Water Footprint

1. Check for Leaks

Water waste may be happening right under your nose!

  • Use your Water Meter to find clues. If the meter is running when you are not using water, you have a leak.
  • Toilet leaks can be silent and difficult to detect. Add a drop of dye to your tank, don't flush, and watch the bowl. If the water in the bowl changes colour, you have a silent leak. Toilet leaks can waste over 135 litres of water per day, the equivalent volume of a 20 minute shower.
  • faucet dripping once a minute will waste 2.5 litres per week.
  • Check for leaks at least every 3 months, or when you get your water bill in the mail.

2. Fix your Leaks

Put on your plumber's hat.

  • Twist your tap. Grab that wrench and give it a twist. 
  • Repair your toilet. You might be able to do it alone, or call in some outside help — this video from WaterSense offers guidance:
    • Replace Your Leaky Toilet Flapper

3. Replace old fixtures or toilets.

Maybe it's time for an upgrade!

4. Conserve Every Day

There's more you can do!

  • Try a shower timer, and keep your shower length to five minutes. 
  • Drink tap water! Keep a jug in the fridge.
  • Plug the drain when washing vegetables, doing dishes or hand washing laundry.
  • Buy a rain barrel for your garden and ditch the hose.


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