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Support Learning the Forest School Way

The benefits of nature-based play at Forest School are endless and now you can bring these benefits to your own playtime.

Learning to love learning, the Forest School Way

Take a deep dive into the Forest School ethos and how Freedom, Trust and Reciprocity create benefits that last a lifetime.

“It has been wonderful to watch Tessa’s confidence and strength grow.”

Thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers, members and partners, it's possible for more visitors to get up close with nature in many different ways — like Tessa, who is learning about the world at Forest School. 

Seasons of Learning

At FortWhyte Forest School, we see how each season has a rhythm all its own. We listen and let it guide school. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Mavis Lewis-Webber

Meet Mavis. After a career in Early Childhood education and teaching on the topic at Red River College, joining Forest School was a natural fit. 

Learning outside, together

Forest School is ideal for parents who are passionate about sparking a sense of curiosity in their children and laying the foundation for a life of environmental stewardship. 

The Forest School Revolution

Forest School is a pre-school alternative favored by parents that are passionate about spending time outdoors, and about protecting the environment.

Connect, contribute and explore: Volunteer at FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive is seeking enthusiastic and caring volunteers to lead preschool children in unforgettable outdoor experiences through FortWhyte Forest School!