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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Sikich

Nick is the perfect example of why volunteers are the heart of FortWhyte. Because, like many volunteers, he connects us across all we do.

Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Smith

The benefits of volunteering are endless, and for some volunteers like Mike, the benefits include spending time with loved ones!

The Value of Nature

Over the past year, the way you value nature showed in how you chose to champion FortWhyte Alive.

Volunteer Spotlight: Maya Barnabé

FortWhyte volunteers are amazing and - until recently - all adults. Now, Youth Ambassadors like Maya are changing the face of our volunteer community.

Unique Ways to Volunteer at FortWhyte

FortWhyte volunteers help in some very unique roles. If you've ever considered volunteering here's a few roles you might not have realized were an option.

Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Harrison

With a smile and friendly welcome volunteers like Erin Harrison make your visit to FortWhyte a magical experience.

Volunteer Spotlight: Grace Hu-Skrzenta

Sharing her love for her community Grace Hu-Skrzenta is one of our volunteers making your connections in nature at FortWhyte Alive possible.

Leadership in Action

Through a challenging year, your support connected so many people to nature - ensuring they found restoration, reflection, and inspiration outdoors.

Volunteer Spotlight: Katharine Schulz

As a dedicated volunteer and passionate birder, Katharine Schulz is making magic happen in our programs and at our gardens.