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Thanks to all Fall Leak Detectors!

leakdetector-logoEvery October and March, classrooms and student ecoclubs in Winnipeg elementary and middle-years schools are invited to take part in the Leak Detector Challenge, a water leak audit program delivered by FortWhyte Alive with the ongoing support of City of Winnipeg Water and Waste.

Students detect leaking toilets, dripping taps or water fountains at their school. Results are reported to maintenance so they can fix the leaks. Students also come up with actions to take to educate the rest of the school about the importance of water conservation.

This October, the below 5 schools participated, including 117 students, and an estimated 1,800 litres per day of water leaks were discovered and repaired! All students received a prize package with a Slow the Flow t-shirt and water conservation tools to take home.

Join us for March, email slowtheflow@fortwhyte.org.

Thanks to:

  • Ms. Dykstra and her Grade 8 class at Immanuel Christian School
  • Ms. Zagrobelny and her Grade 6 class Polson School
  • Ms. McDonald and her Room 25 Grade 7 class at Ecole Seven Oaks Middle School
  • Mr. Yanofsky and his Grade 2 + 3 class at Faraday School
  • Dr. Bajaj and her Grade 7 + 8 Science Club at Holy Cross School
Holy Cross Leak Detectors 2014

Holy Cross School Science Club detected water leaks and came up with future goals to conserve water at school.

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