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FWA Feature: The Reverend Rambler

Photo by Mike Latschislaw

Local blues-inspired act The Reverend Rambler (AKA Matt Colpitts) is a bona fide one-man band -- and whether performing as a one-man or joined by sister Karli Colpitts, Greg Arcade and Sean Multan -- his live shows are a guaranteed good time. The Reverend Rambler has captured the attention of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and is set to play the 2015 festival, announced this past week. But first things first: The Rev will playing FortWhyte Alive's "cabin fever reliever" to a sold-out crowd at The Lake Shaker, Saturday, March 14th. We caught up with The Reverend Rambler for a few questions in advance of his first show at FortWhyte Alive this upcoming weekend.

FWA: Who is The Reverend Rambler?

RR: The Reverend Rambler is a son, brother, husband, teacher singer, songwriter, musician and friend to all who like good people and good music.

FWA: What do you love most about playing and making music?

I guess its a feeling of inspiration that you're overtaken by, something that makes you want to stop whatever you're doing and pick up a guitar and just play. Also just getting to play with people that I love and admire, there’s no better feeling for me than losing yourself in a song, especially with a group of people whether they're friends, other performers or an audience.

FWA: Describe one of your most memorable shows, or moments performing. 

RR: Playing the Rainbow Trout Music Festival a couple years back. We were a new act, still wasn’t quite sure or confident in what the heck I was doing, but looking out in the crowd I got a true sense of support and this amazing feeling that we were all enjoying some sort of moment. I think the ultimate goal for me is to try and create a similar feeling every time we play.

FWA: What's your ideal weekend?

Just being surrounded by my wife, friends and family and not having to worry about the typical stresses of every day life. Really could be anywhere as long as these conditions are applied to them.

FWA: What is it that makes the prairies special?

RR: I hate to sound repetitive but it’s the people, friends and family. Winnipeg gets a bad rap, it's cold and frigid and flat as hell but I don’t think there’s anywhere else I’d want to live.

FWA: Favourite outdoor activity?

RR: Skateboarding, snowboarding, hockey, pretty much anything and everything.

FWA: One skill you'd like to master one day?

RR: Playing guitar and writing good songs. It’s a never ending lifelong pursuit... I think that’s why I love it so much.

FWA: Spirit animal?

RR: I think a wolf. That howl send shivers down my spine... very musical.They can also travel in packs or be the lone wolf which I can relate to.

FWA: What’s your favourite memory at FortWhyte Alive?

RR: I can remember the large aquariums as a kid and it reminding me of Fraggle Rock. I also recently went to wedding there... what a beautiful location to get married.

Tickets for The Lake Shaker are sold out, but you can catch up with The Reverend Rambler on Facebook or on his website




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