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Trash Can Jam Challenge Results vol. 2

This past spring field trip season marked FortWhyte Alive’s second ever Trash Can Jam Challenge, and the results are in…

A big thank you to all our participating schools, all of which were successful in completing the Trash Can Jam Challenge!:

  • Dawson Trail School
  • Neil Campbell School
  • Balmoral Hall School
  • Polson School
  • La Salle School
  • Faith Academy
  • Pacific Junction School
  • Springfield Heights School
  • Shaughnessy Park School
  • Ecole Lansdowne School
  • Ecole Lorette Immersion
  • Holy Cross School
  • Linden Christian School
  • St. Gerard School
  • Lord Nelson School
  • Ecole Garden Grove School
  • Elm Creek School
  • Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary and Middle School
  • Ecole Dieppe
  • Sansome School
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Ecole Ste. Anne Immersion
  • Ecole Robert Browning School

And a big congratulations to Sansome School! They were randomly selected from all participating schools and have won free family passes to FortWhyte Alive for the whole class.

Schools can be a significant source of waste production, as the average student produces up to 30 kilograms of waste per year. Congratulations to these schools for taking up the challenge this past winter and tackling their waste production head on!

Are you a teacher visiting next fall wondering how to get your class involved in the Trash Can Jam for your chance at a free field trip?

Step 1: Pre-register for the challenge by contacting the School Bookings office by phone: 204-989-8355 ext. 206, or by email at schools@fortwhyte.org.

Step 2: Complete the challenge! All disposable lunch garbage produced by your group must fit into the provided 5-litre pail.

Visit this page for more details about the rules, as well as resources to help you complete the challenge.

While this is a fun way for classrooms reduce waste while on their field trip to FortWhyte, it would be even better if we could all cut down on the amount of trash we create each and every day. Let's all take the Trash Can Jam Challenge, shall we?

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