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U of W Students Launch Weather Balloon at FWA

A University of Winnipeg student team calling themselves the "UW Cloud Punchers" successfully launched a weather balloon from the top of the Prairie Dog Town at FortWhyte Alive this morning. Attached to the balloon is a radiosonde recording atmospheric data as well as video footage of the landscape below. After a rise to about 30,000 metres, the balloon will pop, and a small orange parachute will carry the recording equipment back to Earth to be retrieved using a GPS signal, which the students can track with their cellphones.

Manitoba teams are participating for the first time in a Canada-wide project called The National High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABEX), and the international Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC). You can view the footage captured from the balloon, and others across Canada, at the Science Rendezvous events happening at both U of W and U of M, on Saturday, May 9.




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