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Safe at Home

Discover a nature-based hobby, learn something new, and have some fun close to home with our free virtual programs.

Two sets of hands organize plastic water bottles in a blue recycling bin.


Litterless Lunch Tips

Lunch – it’s something we eat everyday, often on the go, and unfortunately it can create a lot of waste! Learn some easy steps you can take to pack a more sustainable meal.

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Leak Detector Challenge

Plumbing leaks can waste water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and cost you hundreds of dollars each year.  Test your taps and toilets for leaks as a part of the Leak Detector Challenge!

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An overview shot of hands cutting a cucumber. Various colourful vegetables surround the cutting board.


Knife Safety + Skills

Learn how to safely hold and use your knife, and how to make some simple cuts that will make you look like a professional to your friends and loved ones!

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DIY Mr. Noodles

FortWhyte Farms’ Owen Campbell will walk you through all the steps to make your own easy and quick school or work lunch.

Download the Recipe

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Mirepoix + Soup Making

Learn how to prep a mirepoix, how to make a quick and easy soup from leftovers, and how to make a super easy and fresh biscuit to go with your soup.

Download the Soup Recipe

Download the Tea Biscuits Recipe

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Chicken or Tofu Piccata

In this online class, you’ll learn how to butterfly chicken breast or thinly slice tofu, pound out a chicken breast, and how and why we should dredge protein before cooking it.

Download the Recipe

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Sauces + Dressings Tutorial

In this online class, FortWhyte Farms’ Owen Campbell will teach you how to make your own vinaigrettes for quick and easy weeknight meals, plus a classic hollandaise sauce, béchamel, and velouté.

Watch Sauces + Dressings Tutorial

A forest of spruce trees start to grow green leaves for the start of spring.


Alive in the Woods at Home

Enjoy a weekly downloadable family activity to help you connect with the natural spaces in your neighbourhood!

Texture Hunt

Winter Bingo

Mindfulness Moment

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Animal Tracks Guide

Nature Stretches

Bird Feeders + Seed

What type of bird seed should I use to feed certain birds? What kind of bird feeder should I have for that seed? Let Maddy from the Nature Shop answer these common bird feeding questions and help you learn how to feed our feathered friends.

Watch Bird Feeders + Seed

Cross Country Ski Basics

FortWhyte Alive’s resident Ski Instructor Katrina Froese goes over the ins and outs of ski basics!

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Snowshoe Basics

Connor Milligan from FortWhyte Alive shows you snowshoe basics to get you feeling ready to head out into the fresh powder.

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A child sits on top of an adults shoulders in autumn.


Go Outside and Play!

Enjoy hands-on tips on how to create an enjoyable winter weather experience with your whole family, from building a fire with your child to planning your outdoor take-along kit.

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Family Wilderness Skills

A few basic wilderness skills can make a big difference for your family’s outdoor time. Get creative with building outdoor shelters, and learn about how animals survive during the winter months.

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Storytelling + Outdoor Artistic Expression

This session will dive into how you can incorporate storytelling and art outdoors in winter with your family. 

Watch Storytelling + Outdoor Artistic Expression


Starting Seeds for Your Home Garden

Learn how to start your own seeds at home and how to care for seedlings indoors before you plant them in your garden. Staff from FortWhyte Farms will walk you through the basics of seeding and steps before transplanting as well as the equipment you’ll need to grow strong and healthy seedlings!

Download the Starting Seedlings Guide

Watch Start Seeding

FortWhyte Farms Virtual Open House

Take a virtual tour of FortWhyte Farms to see the behind-the-scenes operations and learn about all of the programming that happens here year-round. Visit with our chickens & rabbits, enjoy a tour of our passive solar greenhouse and take a look at our farm to plate training kitchen.

Watch the FortWhyte Farms Tour