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Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Harrison

Posted on January 19, 2023

FortWhyte Alive volunteers are rockstars.

They lead by example and show the importance and beauty of spending time connecting with nature.

Volunteers also demonstrate the best of the human spirit, sharing their unwavering kindness and enthusiasm with each person they meet.

Volunteers like Erin, who you will often find inside the Richardson Interpretive Centre ready to welcome you.

When you walk in, Erin is the friendly face that helps you explore the touch museum, gives you a map, and helps you find everything on your scavenger hunt checklist, and we are so grateful that she is here to make your visit magical.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

My Name is Erin Harrison, I am 40 and have been associated with the people at Transcona Springfield Employment Network (TSEN) for 20 years. I graduated from Glenlawn School in St. Vital. I began volunteering at FortWhyte the year before Covid began in 2019.


2. How did you hear about volunteering with us and what made you want to start?

My sister Sara has been a friend of FortWhyte for many years. She knew you were looking for volunteers and passed the information to TSEN to see if they could arrange my program to allow me to start volunteering at FortWhyte. I had visited FortWhyte a number of times and thought it was a nice place to walk around in a natural setting, and I like to help people.

Erin stands in touch museum in front of taxidermy deer, and informational banner reading "prairie".

3. What has been your favourite part of volunteering at FortWhyte?

I like being a greeter because it has helped me be a more confident person and become more outgoing. The staff are very nice, very friendly and very helpful. And of course the great outdoors is a bonus!


4. Has volunteering had a positive impact in any other areas of your life?

I think I am a better person because of volunteering at FortWhyte. I have made friends with the staff and other volunteers. I especially like the displays of bears, wolves, bison and the wood pecker here in the touch museum. I also like wandering around the outside areas… on pleasant days that is. I really enjoy visiting the floating boardwalks and the bird feeders.

5. What would you tell someone who is interested in volunteering at FortWhyte?

If anyone is interested I would tell them that as a volunteer I have found it a very friendly place and everyone is nice to talk and interact with.

Everyone there has a different story to tell of their experience and their job and the surroundings are very nice.

There is fishing, walking on the pathways, a fire pit to warm up in the cold weather and lots of animals to see in their natural habitat.

Erin stands in touch museum in front of taxidermy polar bears and informational banner reading "arctic".

Thank you Erin for being part of our community, thank you for making magic happen!

Volunteers are the heart of FortWhyte Alive. If you’re looking to get involved you can learn more about volunteering at:


Special thank you to LaFarge Canada for sponsoring our volunteer program!