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Volunteer Spotlight: Lars Jansson


Lars Jansson was aware of the FortWhyte volunteer program for many years before actually becoming involved. After retiring from the U of M in 1998 and spending many hours at FortWhyte with his grandchildren, he decided to get involved as a volunteer. At first, Lars participated in our Sunset Goose Flights as a rover and behind the BBQ. In the last few years, he has started to put his knowledge of birding and teaching experience to good use as interpretive presenter at Sunset Goose Flights. He appreciates the chance to share his knowledge, interact with FortWhyte visitors and be part of this awesome autumn experience.

While he has always watched birds on a casual basis, Lars got more seriously into birding after spending winters in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas -- and this led him to get more involved in the birding community in Manitoba. His leadership skills and love for birding all came together when he started volunteering with our Birding and Breakfast program. For many years, Lars coordinated the birding leaders, and ensured visitors enjoyed a morning hike with an experienced leader. Being a FortWhyte Alive volunteer has provided him with the opportunity to forge friendships with other volunteers and meet many others interested in watching birds. Lars especially enjoys these early walks when the day is starting -- and and of course the thrill of spotting the first-of-year bird. He encourages birders to volunteer at FortWhyte Alive to share their interest and point out the wide variety of species to our birding visitors.

Interested in volunteering as a birding leader for Birding and Breakfast?

Birding and Breakfast is a Wednesday and Friday series of early morning birding walks from mid-April to June that are followed by breakfast and discussion. Visitors with varying degrees of birding experience attend these events. We need volunteers with a passion for leading or co-leading novice and/or experienced birders and helping them identify the bird species at FortWhyte Alive.

If you enjoy the early morning walks on the trail and want to share your birding knowledge, contact Sharyl at (204) 989-8355 (x 213) for more information.

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