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Volunteer Spotlight: Zabrina Yaremko

Posted on March 22, 2017



“It’s a learning experience and an opportunity to spread environment awareness.”


These are the key reasons 24-year-old Zabrina Yaremko volunteers at FortWhyte Alive.  Many young people choose the FWA volunteer program because it offers the hands-on experience they need for their careers and a strong reference for their resumes. Zabrina did not have a lot of experience volunteering and wasn’t even sure where to start, but a lunch at the Buffalo Stone Café sparked fond memories of her school field trips and the FWA website provided the information on how to get connected. 

She started volunteering at FortWhyte in 2014 after completing her Four Year Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies (Forest Ecology stream) and Biology (Four-year stream). She was a great fit for the School Program Leader role because she likes to keep active, appreciates FortWhyte’s diversity of ecosystems, and wanted more leadership experience. She attended training, and after only a few months of volunteering, Zabrina accepted a winter term employment position at FortWhyte in which she gained more experience and a better understanding of the education program.  

Zabrina stands out as a volunteer because she makes time for her volunteering, even as she continues to focus on her career goals within the city of Winnipeg’s Forestry Branch.  She is a great advocate for FortWhyte Alive, spreading awareness of environmental issues and bringing Canadian history to life for our school program students and families. She says it is very satisfying to show new “critters” to children and adults and to see their wonder at how much life there is where they thought there was nothing.

Zabrina encourages others to volunteer at FortWhyte Alive as it is a great place to gain career skills and a wonderful opportunity to support environmental education.

Want to join our amazing volunteer crew? Click here to learn more about becoming a school program leader.