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Willow Planting recap

This fall, a very special FortWhyte project was made a reality with the help of over 40 pairs of hands.

On September 30, the Willow Planting Workshop crew made fast work of enforcing soil along the shoreline of FortWhyte's oldest clay pit lake, Muir Lake.

Families, university students and adults with green thumbs planted over 1000 willow stem cuttings and 100 Manitoba Maple trees.

Chris Randall of the Seine Rat River Conservation District brought out a water jet planter and demonstrated how this piece of equipment is used in shoreline restoration projects throughout rural Manitoba. We learned how willow is referred to as "Nature's Rebar" because of its impact as a structure to hold soil together.

A special thank you to the following FortWhyte volunteers who donated hours, expertise and equipment to make this project happen: Dana Race & Andrew Long of Stone Lake Trees, arborists and FWA volunteers, Lynne and Rebekah Vickery, permaculturists and FWA volunteers. Many other FortWhyte volunteers assisted with planting and coordinating the days activities, as well as providing photos.

This program was made possible by the generous support of the WWF- Loblaw Water Fund who funded the purchase of trees and planting equipment. This project is a part of the FortWhyte Model Watershed Project with support from RBC Blue Water Fund, Lake Winnipeg Foundation and Honda Canada.

Learn more about how willows can help protect a shoreline near you in this recent blog post.

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