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Trout Unlimited Canada is partnering with FortWhyte Alive to bring their Yellow Fish Road™ water pollution education program to Manitoba in 2015.

Since 1991, Yellow Fish Road program has been available only in other provinces, with most programs in Alberta and Ontario. Yet their goal applies across the country: to remind Canadians about their responsibility to reduce stormwater pollution, one of the largest sources of freshwater pollution. Their stormdrain painting activity provides all the instructions and materials (and necessary permissions) to allow youth to go out and paint yellow fish with the words "Rainwater Only" onto residential street drains.

With funding from The Winnipeg Foundation and Environment Canada, the goal of the first year of Yellow Fish Road program is to deliver Grade 1-9 level educational presentations to schools and community groups, and plan and deliver storm drain painting activities.

Yellow Fish Road will be launching and promoting their program at FortWhyte during the Earth Day Celebration on April 26.

To inquire or book a free presentation, please contact Michele Kading, Education Coordinator at winnipeg@yellowfishroad.org or visit the FWA Yellow Fish Road page for more information.

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